Sunday 21 October 2012 at 6.30 pm “Words and Music towards All Souls” at St Mary’s Church, Acton High Street, W3 9NW (by Morrisons).

On similar lines to Music and Silence at St Saviours Wendell Park, this will be approximately one hour of music with silences and spoken words looking forward to All Souls at the end of the month. The music will be a typical CB mixed bag including the Schutz “Selig sind die Toden” written specially for All Souls. We will be trying for the innovation of saxophone improvisation by the Rector over the Morales “Parce mihi Dominum” which is in our repertoire just for voices. Some of you may know “Officium” the CD by Jan Garborek with the Hilliard Endemble from which this was a much played piece a few years back. Also there will be some spirituals ending with “Steal Away”.